Action plan 2014-2015

Action plan HRTF 2014-2015

November 2014


From the preamble:

… the EC proposes that EFPA more strongly articulates psychologists’ responsibilities and develops a policy for counteracting human rights violations based on the following points.

1. Human rights are of crucial importance to everyone in the world, psychologists included.

2. EFPA, like any professional organization, shall do what is within its scope and capabilities to:

 _raise awareness of human rights and (risks of) human rights violations

 _prevent human rights violations

 _alleviate the effects of human rights violations ….


Action Plan is based on the Workplan 2014-2015. This contains among others:

1) drafting a proposal for EFPA’s policy and action in the area of Human Rights, to be presented at the General Assembly 2015;

2) developing a view as to how Human Rights can best be anchored in EFPA, with involvement of all Boards, Standing Committees and Task Forces;

3) exploring possibilities for cooperation with European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), and the Regional Representative for Europe of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.



Work plan





1. Policy paper Y


-    final draft Feb 2015

March 2015

PH and KS and MP


1a. anchoring in EFPA





1b. Proposal for policy and action

-          raise awareness

-          prevent HR violation

-       alleviate the effects

1c. Education in HR for psychologists (8a)



BI (to research and add health and human rights psychology on the website)






2. Presentation to EFPA MAs

2a. Present ourselves, inform about HRTF existence, working group, information exchange

Letter to MAs via EFPA HQ

Done ?

Second one?



2b. suggestions for implementing HR, special days and so on, at the national level

Later letters




2c. Involve more MAs, SCs, TFs and Bos  in the HRTF









3. Board of Ethics

3a. HR giving a place in EFPA Metacode



KS and PH; with KT and AG



3b. HR taking a place in Codes of MAs




4. Questionnaire to be sent to the EFPA MAs

4a. place human rights to take in their respective codes of ethics as well as in their statutes



KT and MP, BI, AG, SP, YN

5. EFPA members, to make an inventory in their country

what is going wrong: violation of Human Rights and exclusion and discrimination of individuals and groups and what is going well: good practices of psychologists’ organizations and of individual psychologists in the field of promoting HR, of actions against violations and helping victims

-          suggestion for MA’s to get involved in the periodic review of HR from the UN (



KT and MP, BI, AG, SP, YN

Country wise

6. PR

6a.advise the EC





6a1. Website





6a2. events relevant for human rights, like special days





6a2. prepare a press release for special days like the International Human Rights Day (10 December) and Children's Rights Day (20 November)



KS -> on Children’s Rights Day; KS and PH -> on Human Rights Day


6b. develop a policy when and how to react to (threats of) violations



UW and BI


6c. raising funds for special seminars, research, articles, books, education




7. Cooperation with HR  organizations

exploring possibilities for cooperation  


PH: not top priority

Bogdan to make an overview of most international organizations

8a. Curriculum development HR

With other international colleagues



PH and MP, KS, AG, SP


8b. collecting literature

KS: health and human rights info focuses especially on psychology and HR:

Excerpts to be sent around; database

Starting now

All; BI

9. Symposia and presentation to the GA




Milan ECP 2015 – Bogdan will assist with the creation of the Prezi presentation / PH

10. Logistic tasks

9a. making notes at meetings





9b. agenda and dates



PH and KT


9c. convenor’s meeting













Ythe why, or the motivation and content, see work plan