Human rights education for psychologists

Dear colleagues, 


if you think that psychologists should:
- know more about Human Rights
- accept and realise Human Rights as a normative standard for their professional behaviour
- take a public position as professionals condemning any Human Rights violations
- publicly intervene if they have the opportunity to foresee the negative consequences of certain kinds of public action and threats of Human Rights violations
- offer their support to alleviate the consequences of Human Rights violations if their professional knowledge and expertise can significantly contribute to a reduction in the negative consequences of such violations


then support the initiative of the EFPA Board on Human Rights & Psychology for Human Rights education for psychologists. You can find more information on , and you can contribute by donating at least 1 EURO following a simple procedure of crowdfunding here




We hope you will contribute and forward this letter to the persons that might do the same.

Polli Hagenaars, EFPA Board on Human Rights & Psychology convenor

Telmo Mourinho Baptista, EFPA President