Extra edition of the Newsletter - 75th years of the liberation of Auschwitz

Special of the BHR&Psy Newsletter  27 January 2020

75 Years after the liberation of Auschwitz; Auschwitz ‘Never Again’


Today, January 27, we commemorate one of the worst episodes of human rights violations in history. The suffering of the victims is unimaginable. The psychological consequences, in the form of massive trauma, are continuing in the first, the second and also in further generations of victims and survivors. Even today, PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety continue to take their toll.

The causes of dehumanisation, deportation and murder of more than 6 million people, Jews, Roma, Sinti, homosexuals and resistance people, are to be found in a mix of identity politics and social Darwinism. Today, anti-Semitism is spreading again and dehumanizing political rhetoric is rising, endangering lives and freedoms.

With knowledge of prejudice and how to overcome it; with programs to improve intergroup relationships; with experiences in therapy of traumatized persons and their families, psychologists warn for the devastating consequences of divisive policies. They promote human rights-based mental health practices and, by doing so, want to contribute to a more safe and humane society.

Auschwitz and what it stands for, was one of the reasons the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been designed and accepted in 1948. Auschwitz, Never Again!


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