Newsletter August 2019

EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology Newsletter Newsletter: A double thick Summer Edition Year 3 Edition 7/8 - August 2019


EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology

  • 1st Summer School on Human Rights. Human Rights: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. A five-day school, held at the University of Ioannina, 1 – 5 July 2019 chaired by Artemis Giotsa. Marlena Plavsic was one of the lecturers / tutors. (doc 1)
  • ECP2019 in Moscow:

    • Robert Roe Award lecture of Tony Wainwright:

    • Program of the IPSyNet (LGBTI Network) with symposia, lunch, excursions and networking opportunities:

    • The opening event was stunning: dances from all over Russia, opera, classic dance, an astronaut from Space, songs by the Babushska's/ grannies (Eurovision song contest 2012).

    • The conference hosted two symposia organised by the EFPA BHR&Psy: The Future of Psychology from a Human Rights Perspective (doc 2), and Decolonizing Psychology: A Human Rights issue (doc 3)

    • In addition, our Board members participated in a number of further activities, like those on intercultural psychology, LGBTI issues and community psychology.

  • Did you already read the articles in the special issue of the European Psychologist, Human Rights and Psychology? It is free downloadable till half September and to be distributed to your colleagues, associations, universities, and so on. 


Volume 24, Issue 2, April 2019

Special Issue: Human Rights and Psychology, online available: 




  •  FRA weekly 25 June - 1 July (doc 4)
  • FRA weekly 2 - 8 July (doc 5)

  • FRA weekly 15 - 22 July (doc 6)

  • FRA weekly 22 - 29 July (doc 7)

  • FRA weekly 29 July -2 September (doc 8)



  • Report of the 12th European Forum on the rights of the child (doc 9)

  • ENS, a visit to Lebanon (doc 10)

  • European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights – June 2019 (doc 11)

  • NY Times: Sea Watch3 (doc 12)

  • Public Seminar: Collective Amnesia in Post-Communist Poland; Why history, not memory or mythology, is the path to Polish-Jewish reconciliation (doc 13)

  • Moscow News: Student Fined for Giving Feminism Lecture in Siberia (doc 14)


Scholars at Risk / Network of Concerned Historians

  • Newsletter July (doc 15)

  • Newsletter August (doc 16)

  • Network Concerned Historians: Annual Report 2019 (doc 17)


UN News/ global news

  • Psychology at the United Nations (doc 18)

  • UN News: A quarter of Pacific islanders live below ‘basic needs poverty lines’, top UN development forum hears (doc 19)

  • UN News, June 28: Tackle ‘Tsunami’ of hatred around the world (doc 20)

  • UN News, July 16: Development forum focuses on inclusion; (doc 21)

  • UN Instant Alert, July 16: Inclusion, empowerment and equality (doc 22)

  • UN News, July 26 (doc 23)

    • UN News, August 19: Preserve, revitalize and promote’ indigenous languages, or lose a ‘wealth of traditional knowledge’ (doc 24)


Children’s Rights & Forced migration

  • BPS: Position Statement, Children’s right to play (doc 25)

  • NBC News: Migrant kids in overcrowded Arizona border station allege sex assault, retaliation from U.S. agents (doc 26)

  • The Guardian: China accused of rapid campaign to take Muslim children from their families (doc 27 and doc 27b)

  • CBS: China's treatment of Uighur Muslims (doc 28)

  • Al Jazeera: Repression stalks China's Uighurs, 10 years after Urumqi riots (doc 29)



  • Quartz: The US is to blame for global erosion of Human Rights, says top UN official (doc 30)

  • Walking Through Suffrage History; 100th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Amendment. (doc 31)

  • Race related / NY Times (doc 32)

  • Thibault le Texier, Debunking the Stanford Prison Experiment. August 8, 2019. (doc 33)

  • NY Times: Guantánamo Case to Test Whether Torture Can Be Put on the Docket (doc 34)

  • Washington Post: Former Southwest Key leader who ran migrant child shelters for U.S. government earned $3.6 million in 2017 (doc 35)

  • Newsweek: Time to commit to justice for all. Germán Carlos Garavano, Sigrid Kaag, Priscilla Schwartz, Hina Jilani (doc 36)



  • ISSOP invitation: Conference Children in Armed Conflict: Rights, Health and Well-being, Rights, Health and Well-Being, Beirut, Lebanon, 26 – 28 September 2019 (doc 37 +38)

  • 12th European Public Health Conference, 20 –23 November 2019, Marseille, France (doc 39)