Newsletter February 2020

EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology Newsletter

Year 4 Edition 2 – February 2020

 75 years of liberation of Auschwitz

 Men are accomplices to that which leaves them indifferent. George Steiner (1929-2020)

This year, 2020, we remember one of the worst episodes of human rights violations in history: the dehumanisation, deportation and killing of millions of people, including Jews, Roma/ Sinti, gay people and resistance fighters. We should also remember at this time the many people with mental health and other disabilities who were murdered as part of the Nazi euthanasia programme, and the involvement of professionals including doctors and nurses; and that psychological ideas about eugenics played a significant role in its justification. The psychological consequences, in the form of massive traumata, are still felt in today generations of victims and survivors.

The newsletter of the EFPA BHR&Psy will give extra attention to people who are being forcefully displaced, dehumanised, tortured or killed. The profession of psychology can draw ethical lessons from the professional involvement of doctors in the so-called T-4 programme. By their knowledge and skills, psychologists can and should contribute to a more peaceful and humane society, to trauma treatment and the prevention of exclusion. A human rights based-and-oriented psychology is more than ever needed.

  • Jasenovac past and present (doc 1)
  • Boris Johnson adviser quits over race and eugenics controversy (doc 2)
  • Robert J. Lifton, The Nazi doctors (doc 3)
  • To watch and to read (doc 4)
  • Open Letter from Canadian Academics Opposing the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism (see doc 8 in Newsletter 1, 2020) (doc 5)


Guantanamo Bay

  • Architect of C.I.A. Interrogation Program Testifies at Guantánamo Bay (doc 6)
  • Idem, BBC (doc 7)
  • Centre for Constitutional Rights (doc 8)
  • Vice News, 2017, The CIA's torture masterminds finally have to pay their victims (doc 9)
  • Psychologist who waterboarded for C.I.A. to testify at Guantánamo (doc 10)
  • We Fact-Checked 5 Horrifying Details in 'The Report,' the New Movie About Post-9/11 Torture (doc 11)
  •  Newsweek, I Was Tortured for Days Thanks to Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell. A "Sorry" Would Be Nice | Opinion (doc 12)


EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology

  • Meeting of the EFPA BHR&Psy: 15-16 May in Oslo.
  • Presentation of the book Human rights education for psychologists. See and order >















  • FRA weekly 3-10 February (doc 13)
  • FRA weekly 10-17 February (doc 14)
  • FRA weekly February 24 (doc 15)
  • FRA weekly March 2 (doc 16)

European institutions, EIUC, CoE, CPT, IOM, ENS, ECCHR, EUPHA 

  • End of life and the European Convention on Human Rights. European Court of Human Rights. May 2019. (doc 17)
  • ENS; Among Syrians displaced (doc 18)


UN News / WHO

  • February 7 (doc 19)
  • February 10. Women in science. (doc 20)
  • February 21 (doc 21)
  • February 28; see >
  • Biodiversity ‘fundamental’ for global food systems (doc 22)


Scholars at Risk (SAR) / NCH

  • Newsletter February 1-6 (doc 23)
  • Newsletter 22-27 February (doc 24)
  • Alternative academies in Turkey (doc 25)
  • Euroscientist, Free to Think: Attacks on scholars, scientists threaten societies everywhere (doc 26)


Climate change

  • ECLAC, Climate change and human rights; Contributions by and for Latin America and the Caribbean (doc 27)
  • Practitioner psychologists and the trauma of climate change. An open letter demanding immediate and effective action. (doc 28)
  • Overwhelming and terrifying: the rise of climate anxiety. The Guardian. (doc 29)


Child’s Rights

  • Ring the Alarm: The Crisis of Black Youth Suicide in America. 20 December 2019 (doc 30)
  • American children are using Trump's words to bully classmates, report finds. Analysis from the Washington Post finds more than 300 incidents of school bullying. The Independent. (doc 31)


Press, articles, books

  • IOM, Challenges, Commitments, Complexities, 1st Edition. Routledge, 2020. This book provides an accessible, incisive introduction to IOM, focusing on its humanitarian activities and responses to forced migration(doc 32)
  • Butler, Lisa D., Critelli, Filomena, Carello, Janice (Eds.). Trauma and human rights; Integrating Approaches to Address Human Suffering. Palgrave MacMillan, London. This edited volume explores the intersection of trauma and human rights by presenting the development and current status of each of these frameworks, examining traumatic experiences and human rights violations across a range of populations and describing efforts to remediate them. (doc 33)
  • How I changed my mind about the biology of race; about Angela Saini’s book. (doc 34)
  • SIM-letter. Winter 2020 (doc 35)
  • Potential modern slavery victims among dozens facing imminent removal on charter flight to Pakistan (doc 36)


Higher Education

  • Journal of teaching in social work:  Educating for an inclusive world (doc 37)
  • European University Institute, Florence. Doctoral and PhD programmes. (doc 38)


Conferences, Grants, Contributions and Events