Newsletter November 2018

EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology, Newsletter Year 2 Edition 11 - November 2018

EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology

  • International Children’s Day, November 20, press release (doc 1)
  • 70th anniversary of the UN UDHR: specially made mini-lecture by em. Professor Gert Sommer, recorded at Marburg University: Please send to your association!
  • Marlena Plavšić received the Award 'Marulić: Fiat Psychologia' from the Croatian Psychological Association. Croatian Psychological Association established this social recognition with the aim of promotion of development of Croatian applied psychology and public acknowledgement for particularly significant contribution to development and promotion of Croatian applied psychology. The award has been given on 7 November 2018 at the opening of the 26th Annual Conference of Croatian Psychologists in Sv. Martin na Muri. The name of the award refers to Marko Marulić (1450 - 1524), Croatian poet and humanist, the first person who mentioned the word psychology in writing (in Latin). 
  • Polli Hagenaars received the Sindbad Award from the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists (NIP). This prize is awarded to someone with special merits in the field of interculturalisation in professional practice, science and in the social aspects of psychology.


  • Highlights October 22 (doc 2)
  • Highlights November 5 (doc 3)
  • Highlights November 19 (doc 4)
  • Help end the child poverty plaguing Europe (doc 5)

Europe, EIUC, CoE, CPT, IOM, ENS

  • Council of Europe Anti-Torture Committee visits the United Kingdom, focusing on police and prisons in Scotland. (doc 6)
  • ENS: #StatelessnessINDEX – a new tool to raise awareness on gaps in French law, policy and practice. (doc 7)
  • ENS: Work to Belong: A new approach is needed to resolve the employment challenges faced by stateless persons in the EU. (doc 8)
  • ECCHR Newsletter, November 2018 (doc 9)
  • 11TH EUROPEAN PUBLIC HEALTH CONFERENCE - 28 November – 1 December 2018, CANKARJEV DOM, LJUBLJANA; Opening ceremony with EU commissioners;
  • Strides toward belonging: The 4th #IBelong campaign anniversary event.

UN News

  • Ending inequality means ending ‘global pandemic’ of violence against women – UN chief. (doc 10)

Child Rights

  • The Urgent Need for Early Childhood Development in Emergencies and Disasters (doc 11)


  • Letter Amnesty International about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court (doc 12)
  • Tony Marsella, Social justice across the curriculum (doc 13)
  • Georgios Kesisoglou, Needing Supervision: The affective/discursive canon of accounting for the urgency of supervision by mental health professionals working with refugees in Greece (doc 14)
  • George Soros: Explosive device found at philanthropist's home, sparking FBI investigation, The Independent, 23-10-2018 (doc 15)
  • Maria Bucur, The Bodies that Matter, Saudi Arabia, Western journalism, and Human Rights, Public Seminar, October 18, 2018 (doc 16)
  • BPS, The Power Threat Meaning Framework. Overview. (doc 17)
  • Kimberly Rios, Dominik Mischkowski, Shaping Responses to Torture: What You Call It Matters, October 31, 2018 Research Article,, Although torture is largely ineffective for gaining information from terrorism suspects, nearly half of Americans support its use. Building upon previous work examining predictors of responses to such tactics and willingness to label them as “torture,” this research tested whether the “torture” label itself can influence attitudes.
  • Poorest dying nearly 10 years younger than rich in 'deeply worrying' trend, study shows. Independent, 23 November 2018. (doc 18)