Newsletter April 2019

EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology - Newsletter Year 3 Edition 4 - April 2019

EFPA Board Human Rights and Psychology

The Board HR&Psy meeting will take place this year in Pula, Croatia in May 25-26. 
Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Ulica Ivana Matetica Ronjgova 1 (ulica means street). This is in the city centre. 


  • FRA weekly 25 March (doc 1)
  • FRA weekly 1 April (doc 2)
  • FRA weekly 8 April (doc 3)
  • FRA weekly 23 April (doc 4)
  • FRA weekly 6 May (doc 5)
  • Report FRA, How Member States are failing victims of violent crime (doc 6)
  • Report FRA, Beyond the peak: challenges remain, but migration numbers drop (doc 7)


A look at the migration situation over 2018 points to hardship entering the EU, anti-migrant feelings and tougher asylum laws and policies, as the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights reports. However, it also acknowledges EU and Member State efforts to improve the situation of migrants and asylum seekers. The ‘Beyond the peak: challenges remain, but migration numbers drop’ report looks into the fundamental rights of people seeking international protection throughout 2018. It draws on the agency’s regular migration updates in selected EU Member States and covers the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

Please don’t hesitate to share this information with your networks and contacts.

More information on FRA’s work on asylum, migration and borders is available on the dedicated thematic section of the FRA’s website, which also lists other related publications.


  • 12th European Forum on the Rights of the Child. Report from Kerstin Söderström who attended this symposium. (docs 8 and 9)
  • The national quality framework for early childhood education – CECDE (doc 10)


  • France sees rise in conversion therapies to ‘cure’ homosexuality (doc 11)
  • EUPHA Newsletter (doc 12)
  • CoE - Stop Sexism (doc 13)
  • Roma families moved – The Independent (doc 14)
  • How Pop Culture Can Help Roma See Themselves as Survivors – Open Society (doc 15)
  • Where next? How to cope with Brexit uncertainty – Susie Orbach (doc 16)
  • European Network on Statelessness – Webinar 15 May (doc 17)


UN News/ global news

  • UN News 12 April (doc 18)
  • UN: Once-in-a-generation opportunity’ will be squandered (doc 19)



  • Threats to Human Rights, JSPP, (doc 20)
  • Harvard Refugee Program (doc 21)
  • The march of white supremacy (doc 22)
  • The Anatomy of White Terror (doc 23)
  • Jordan Peterson/ Alt-right (doc 24)
  • Jordan Peterson’s Flimsy Philosophy of Life (doc 25)
  • How to Rescue ‘The People’ from Populism - Public Seminar (doc 26)
  • Why science matters so much in the era of fake news (doc 27)
  • Anti-Semitism Is Back, From the Left, Right and Islamist Extremes – NYTimes  (doc 28)
  • Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre - Bellingcat (doc 29)
  • Another Mother; Diotima and the Symbolic Order of Italian Feminism (doc 30)