13th January 2015 Board of Ethics and TF Human Rights

EFPA, Human Rights and Ethics


The first meeting between the BoE and the Human Rights task force was hosted by the Norwegian Psychological Association (Norsk Psykolog Forening), January 13 in Oslo.


EC proposes that EFPA more strongly articulates psychologists’ responsibilities concerning Human Rights. One of the tasks of the HRTF, established by the General Assembly in July 2013, is to promote the incorporation of Human Rights into the Codes of Ethics.


Participants: Kerstin Söderström and Polli Hagenaars (HRTF), Nina Dalen, Henk Geertsema and Tove-Beate Pedersen (Boe), and expert in Human Rights Nora Sveaass, member of United Nations Human Rights, The Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (“SPT”).


On the photo:

From left to right: Kerstin Söderström, Henk Geertsema, Nora Sveaass, Tove-Beate Pedersen, Nina Dalen, Polli Hagenaars