3rd November 2014

Mini minutes of the Skype meeting November 3 2014

Efpa TF on Human Rights

Present: Marlena (MP), Kerstin (KS), Stella (SP), Bogdan (BI), Tony (TW), Uli  (UW)(somewhat later),

Due to obligations elsewhere or technical reasons: Artemis, Yudit, Karin and Robertas.


1.      Press release Children’ Rights Day: KS wrote a very good text. It will send to EFPA Brussels within 2 days, for spreading around among the Bos, TFs, SCs for amendment.


2.      ECP Milan 2015: symposium is growing. It will be mostly European, half HRTF, half otherwise.


3.      Board of Ethics, addition to the EFPA Model Code: contact with the convenor of the BoE learned that the new Model Code has to be finished in March 2015. TW will get information about deadlines.


4.      Policy document for March 2015, to be presented to the GA in Milan, July 2015. UW, BI together with (MP, KS, PH?) will make a draft proposal.


5.      Website: MP asks to send info. The minutes, the Work Plan, the Actio Plan as well as conferences and other relevant information can be sent to MP to be put on the site.


6.      EFPA news: All TFs and so on are invited to organize a symposium at ECP2015 in Milan. The convenors are dismissed from conference fee. KS and PH will ask their association for support. PH offers therefore her fee to another member.


7.      Skype experience: we are better of without video. PH will use her iPad and put it in another room.