Artemis Giotsa (Greece)

Artemis Giotsa is Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at the Department of Early Childhood Education, Faculty of Education, Ioannina, Greece. She conducted many national and cross-cultural projects in the field of Social Psychology, for example immigrants, Roma, national identity, parents training, humans with special needs, crisis intervention, systems theory in different contexts (family, schools, community), family relationships and family representations. Since 2005, she is also the Scientific Coordinator of the Program “Parents Schools” in Greece supported by the Ministry of Education focused on lifelong learning of adults and applied in vulnerable populations (prisoners, immigrants, Roma, parents with children with special needs, stereotypes and discriminations in the family). She has adapted in Greece the Program ACT/Adults and Children Together Against Violence created by American Psychological Association (APA). She is the author of three books and has published many articles and book chapters. She is practising as a psychologist. Her interests include human rights, resilience, family, teachers and specialists  training, ethics and vulnerable populations.