Forthcoming text book Psychology for human rights: Human Rights Education for Psychologists

This textbook will be published by Routledge - likely publishing date is 2020. Below are the chapter headings and educational material that will be associated wth each chapter. This material is likely to be revised and so please regard this as work in progress. In addtion, all titles are provisional.

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Chapter 1 Core human rights principles for psychologists, psychologists’ role in the realisation of human rights. Authors: Polli Hagenaars and Ava Thompson


Chapter 2 Human rights – how do they matter for the profession of psychology?  Authors: Nora Sveaass and Michael Wessells


Chapter 3 Main Human Rights Instruments and Bodies, relevant for Psychologists’ Interventions.  Authors: Manfred Nowak and Anna Zenz



Chapter 4 Human Rights: Cross-national and cross-cultural perspectives. Author: R.C. Tripathi



Chapter 5 Migration – psychological contributions that might help to improve the Human Rights situation. Author: Ulrich Wagner



Chapter 6 Gender, sexual violence and armed conflict; Bosnian experiences. Author: Inger Skjelsbæk



Chapter 7 Human Rights and Professional Identity. Author: George Ulrich and Tony Wainwright



Chapter 8 Psychology and Human Rights, Chile 1973- 2018. Author: Elizabeth Lira



Chapter 9 Indigenous Communities facing Environmental Racism: Decolonial Exploration of Human Rights, Resilience, and Resistance in Palestinian communities of the West Bank and the Mapuche of Chile. Authors: Devin G. Atallah and Michael Ungar



Chapter 10 Use and misuse of psychological science, knowledge and research. Author: Giovanna Leone


Chapter 11Torture and the role of psychological profession. Authors: Pau Pérez-Sales, Nora Sveaass


Chapter 12 Universal Human Rights – Except for some. Author: Paul D’Alton


Chapter 13 Human rights and health. Author: Nimisha Patel


Chapter 14 Playing together: The Convention on the Rights of the Child and child psychology. Author: Kerstin Soderstrom


Chapter 15  The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Challenge to Treatment without Consent. Authors: Bernadette McSherry and Lisa Waddington


Chapter 16 Human rights in business and employment: Promoting the right to work and keeping a look to avoid violations of human rights at work.Authors: Kathleen Otto1, Martin Mabunda Baluku2, Ulrike Fasbender3, & Ute-Christine Klehe3



Chapter 17  Planning Human Rights Education for Psychologists. Authors: Felisa Tibbitts and Polli Hagenaars



Chapter 18 Human rights education for psychologists as a means for enhancing social justice. Author: Vera Ćubela Adorić



Chapter 19 Competences for human rights practice of psychologists.Authors: Artemis Giotsa & Marlena Plavšić